5 Successful Search Engine Marketing Case Studies of 2022

5 Successful Search Engine Marketing Case Studies of 2022 – 12/31/2022

Technological advances in the 21st century allows us to build more traceable building blocks on mediums on search engines, social media, and platforms like Google, YouTube, and Instagram. It has never been easier to discover successful epistemology to gain more love, health, wealth, and happiness with our time on the web because of the ease of information to be gained via the Internet so we want to emphasize 5 Successful Search Engine Marketing Case Studies of 2022 to help you spread awareness regarding your brick and mortar business, Internet product, or service. These case studies have been picked and pulled from the editorial team because their relevance has proven to show authoritative change on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Case Study #1: Save the Music Foundation Increases Traffic by 197% with Search Engine Optimization:

According Victorious SEO, Save the Music Foundation increased their internet traffic by 197% with SEO. Methods that were used were private blog network building, authority link building, and social media signals allocation allowed their business to rank for over 405 top 3 keywords on Google, Yahoo, and Bing over a 6 month period.

Reference: https://victoriousseo.com/case-studies/

Case Study #2: Backlinko’s 7 Day Success Story:

This is an awesome story. We first heard about this via Torque Mag and was absolutely ecstatic about the results whenever news first hit the light. It is an absolutely glory to the golden order. Consult with your friends, allies, and business partners. According to the study, Google Analytics recorded on landing page https://backlinko.com/ an increase of 652.17% web traffic in seven days.

Case Study #3: WordStream Increase of Traffic by 600% in 24 Months:

This case study has an interesting foundation. The user here had no luck with methodologies such as improving site load speed, technical issue resolutions, and internal post linking. The issue is that this dude did not understand that the key fundamental building blocks he was not implementing was that he wasn’t building links externally from credible, relevant, and organic sources. This means after learned and gained links from sources such as directory websites, blogs relevant to marketing, and web design blog commenting from locations which were authoritative like Forbes.com or www.wordpress.com he gained more organic impressions, clicks, calls, appointments, then sales with organic search engine marketing.

Reference: https://www.wordstream.com/blog/ws/2019/08/01/seo-case-study

Reference: post penguin seo services

Case Study #4: Gadget Flow – Technological Platform Discovery Blog:

This case studies relevancy successfully circles around the following:

  • by 185% for clicks on video content;
  • by 198% for news articles (within three months’ time)

The secrets and methods used were content marketing such as content relevancy. The reason for relevant internal and external content is because search engine robots crawl and index the Web then they report back to unconscious systems such as Amazon, Google, and YouTube their meta, schema, and understandings of unique resource locations. Relevant content helps these robots report, “Hey! This blog is about technological gadgets and their links coming into their site has to do with physical tech so why wouldn’t we not rank their website for valuable keywords?” The vital importance of this is that if you own a business about hair dressing in Indiana you would want beauty products that point to your blog about relevant and relatable information regarding hair decor. It is obvious to not have links point to your blog about let’s say automobile parts from Nissan or Ford.

Reference: https://rockcontent.com/blog/seo-case-studies/

Case Study #5: American Egg Board SEO Case Study:

The coolest part about this study is that this company used organic, authoritative, and natural sources to boost their blog visibility. The methodologies entailed were relevant towards their agricultural resources, horticultural reasoning, and building blocks towards building a trustworthy unique resource location. Latent semantic indexing, psycho-schematics, and linguistics regarding neuropsychology’s allows this company to increase their traffic by 87%, their mobile traffic by 22%, and a 39% sharing of recipe sharing. Their success story is relevant to consultants, business owners, and service industry owners to understand that pointing relevant links to their website allows search engines to recognize their blog to be what they are referring about.

Reference: https://www.riseinteractive.com/our-work/case-studies/data-informed-strategy-delivers-results

Thank you for reading this blog post regarding search engine optimization, marketing, and advertising case studies that have proven success stories. Feel free to check back with us regarding updates with SEO, digital marketing, and web design.

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